Website Design and Development

Larger Sites:

Screenshot of one of the office details pages.
— Website and CMS for a large serviced office space provider in London, complete with animations, virtual tours and Google Maps.

Screenshot of Hunt and Nash homepage
— a complete update to the website, adding a fresh new design, live twitter feeds, search-engine optimization and enhanced property display.

Screenshot of GCD homepage
— An advanced web application, providing a comprehensive, secure, structured online storage and document management solution.

Web development from Taupo. XHTML, CSS, AJAX and Javascript front ends, Domino, PHP and MySQL back ends.

From well-designed company web sites to sophisticated e-commerce sites, web applications with ajax, and company intranets, Taupo can design a solution that meets your specification and your budget.

We believe that web sites and web applications should be portable, accessible, intuitive and stylish.

  • Responsive sites to meet modern multi-screen and mobile requirements. Modern websites now require a high level of accessibility across a wide range of devices from mobiles to tablets and wide-screen desktop computers. Taupo design all websites to be fully responsive across mobiles, tablets and desktops and can upgrade existing websites to enhance their accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Portable technologies (PHP, ASP.NET etc) give our clients maximum flexibility and control. So that you can, in the future, choose different host providers and designers
  • Accessible web sites ensure that your site is mobile friendly and standards-compliant and enables users to access your site whatever their disability or technology platform, as well as maximising your visibility to search engines. Sites designed by Taupo consistently achieve high search engine rankings, as they are structured to allow optimum visibility without compromising the users' experience.
  • Intuitive — simple and logical structure and navigation are key to a site's success
  • Well-designed and stylish to reflect your organisation's image and meet your sales and marketing objectives.

Sites created by Taupo include:

  • Modern mobile and search engine-friendly responsive sites. Modern sites, using the latest standards and browser capabilities for a fast, responsive, mobile-friendly web site, designed to maximise search engine visibility.
  • Corporate websites, company intranets and Web 2.0 applications.
  • E-commerce sites — linking to online, secure payment services
  • Content management solutions — Sites that allow non-technical staff to add pages

Examples of our work

Lotus Domino based:

  • Newly redesigned: — Estate Agent's website front-end to our advanced, Applicant and Property Management database system.
  • Newly redesigned: — a secure, online, legal and business relationships and document manager. Combining secure document storage, taxonomical categorisation and the ability to collaborate with clients safely and securely.
  • & — featuring a sophisticated online travel insurance quote engine designed by Taupo.
  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly: — A sophisticated Estate Agency website, linked to our underlying Property and Applicant Management system.

(X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX front-ends, with PHP and MySQL back ends:

  • — large website, for one of the largest providers of serviced office space in London. The site features animated virtual office tours, Google Maps integration, and allows the client to maintain it, through our proprietry Content Management System.
  • — send SMS messages to individuals or groups, manage groups. Web 2.0 design, with a smart user interface using AJAX and subtle animation effects.
  • — Designed and developed website, and advanced Content Management System for managing online school vacancies.
  • — RAF Benson Flying Club. PHP-developed flight booking and aircraft management.
  • — low cost, affordable insurance products, online. Advanced, bespoke content management system allows the client to maintain pages.
  • — Holiday villa letting and rental system and website.
  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly: — bespoke content managment system based website for Hewetts Solicitors, Reading.
  • Fully Responsive/Mobile Friendly: — a charity helping disadvantaged children in Kenya.

Some smaller sites:

All sites are designed from the start for maximum accessibility, standards compliance and search-engine-optimisation.

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